Jörn Heilbut is a composer, producer and professional guitarist of many years standing.

What makes his work exceptional is:

– His ability to emotionalize movies spot-on
– His proficiency as an instrumentalist, enabling him to implement the ideas and wishes of his customers at the highest level.
– His many years of experience and creative work with prestigious artists and bands, ensembles and performers.
– His capacity to impressively produce both minimal and complex musical arrangements in any genre.
– His sure touch in the realms of classic songwriting, electronic music and ethnic acoustic music.

In addition to his passion for film music, Jörn Heilbut is one of the most sought-after session guitarists in Germany. His work as a studio musician can be heard on a multitude of recordings today. Whether with his own band “The Jeremy Days” or as a freelance composer and producer – he displays a fine musical sensitivity in his ability to place himself in a multitude of musical worlds, distinguishing him as an artist of the highest quality.

Jörn lives and works in Hamburg

The Heilbut sound - different & fascinating!

Why do I find my own way for every musical idea?

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m born into a family of musicians. My parents not only gave me a pair of good ears, but also training on various instruments. More likely, however, is the unconventional and self-taught way in which I approached the guitar as a child:

All attempts to teach me guitar “properly” failed at the time. As a left-hander, I just didn’t want to hold the guitar like a right-hander – it felt completely awkward. I simply started playing on my own, guided by my mood, my instincts and my feeling only. Free of unpleasent lessons, pure passion and fun were my motivation. At some point I realized that I’m probably the only one who plays the high strings up and the low ones down. There was nobody who could have taught me the instrument like this – I had to acquire it by myself. That was an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. I had to work out every chord on my own, feel every scale and phrase – I appreciate a lot what has developed from it through the years – my unmistakably own, intuitive style of playing and create music.

My unusual way of learning guitar is mirrored in my guiding principle: never go down the beaten path and find your own special approach for every musical task! Or in the words of Jimi Hendrix:

“Technically I’m not a guitar player. All I play is truth and emotion.”

Jorn Heilbut