How Can I make A Song Shine?

In order to get from an first idea to a perfect piece of music there are plenty of small steps to go. Sometimes there is just one step missing, but often it’s still the whole way to go in order to make an uncut diamond an impressive piece of musical jewellery. No matter in which state of the creative process your music is in, with Jörn you have someone at your side who takes care of the songs sensitively and tastefully…

“To create and shape a piece of music is euphoric and just makes you happy. If the listener shares these emotions we have done something right!”
Jörn Heilbut

Artists, bands and singers from different genres have worked with Jörn successfully for many years – many great albums and numerous chart successes bear witness to this. With his rich experience in songwriting & production, Jörn is an excellent sparring partner for anyone who needs help developing and completing their ideas.